I'm raising funds to launch my Crisis Brainstorm Tour

Blu Hwy 2
I will make house calls.

I continue to raise funds to support the continuation of my Kindness Experiment Tour which I had to abort in 2008 in order to return to Erie Pennsylvania to become my father's patient advocate, power of attorney, and the executrix of his estate.

This time I am calling it
The Crisis Brainstorm Tour and will be living and touring with my 2 cats in my 21-foot RV (see photo above). My purpose is to meet with people along the way who are experiencing personal crisis. My plan is to use my creative thinking, research and problem-solving skills, my writing skills, and my ability to contact the media and press with human interest stories to bring about a positive outcome.

Many people I will assist and serve won't have money to pay me for my services. That's why I need financial support to do this work.

To finance this long-term project I will be offering to
speak to groups, selling my books, selling two houses (I hope), and almost everything I own. Eventually I hope to no longer have a home. My 2004 Ford E-350 will be my home indefinitely.

I will also be asking
corporations for sponsorships. I will have expenses: gas, emergency roadside assistance insurance, vehicle insurance, cat food, human food, parking fees, Planet Fitness membership for showers; repairs; a new MacBook Air (my laptop is 9 years old and the battery is falling out); and medical expenses and hotel bills if I get sick or injured.

I'm 67, single, childless, have no debt; but have had very little earnings in the United States since 2008 because I have no US work history. All my work since 1977 has been self-employment, so I have no employer references. In other words I am an unknown in my own country – except to 700 people on Facebook – and I'm ineligible for Social Security and Medicare. I receive a pension from Canada of only $349 a month. All my savings are tied up in the two houses I own – one is under major renovation (by me) – which have not sold yet. I will likely have to sell at a substantial loss... because I've invested too much in them... and it's a buyer's market.

So you could say this tour is my solution to my own crisis. I will solve my personal money crisis by helping others solve their crises... money, marital, business, family, etc. It's something I'm good at and have a background for.

I hope to give
radio and newspaper interviews in each town I pass through (and stay in for a while) and I'd love to have corporate sponsorships so that I can present a brilliant speech or seminar in their facilities.

How will you participate in my Crisis Brainstorm Tour?

Sponsor me, buy
my books and my personal possessions, let me park free on your property, invite me for a meal. Contact me at crisiswriter@gmail.com

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